Back in black

Tag! Gacha started this week, so you'll need to go to the starting point and get your hud.
Also, more spooky stuff at the Wayward Halloween event and Shiny Shabby and Cosmopolitan.
Concept - 06.  Dark Bed Night (rare) (@Wayward Halloween)
cinphul - Noli Me Tangere - [v4d],[v1g],[v4b],[v5b],[v6b],[v1c] (gacha @Cosmopolitan)

+Half-Deer+ Terror Table - Black/Black Legs (for MIX)
[ keke ] hogweed in vase (free Gift) Kustom 9

Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace (Black)
floorplan - a comet in the night print
Apt B // Back To Black - Chair (gacha) (@Shiny Shabby 
cinphul // Noli Me Tangere [v1a]
Kosh - Pokus Rug (colour modded)
Kosh- Black angel rug
[PM]Pixel Mode - The Artist's Studio (@LTD)
Kalopsia - Rustic Bench
MishMish - Skull Head Candle Dark (rez)  (C88)
Birdy  - Altar set - Cards
Birdy  - Altar set - Ouija Board RARE
-Pixicat-  Bastet.Sphynx (LyingDown)
O.M.E.N - Little Lawn Ghost Gift (Tag ! Gacha)
Luas Halloween Marshmallows (@Wayward Halloween)

xin. square shelf  (@Shiny Shabby)
{vespertine} - preserved parchments / 3 (Tag ! Gacha)
Birdy - Altar set - Ram skull - white (gacha)
Birdy - Altar set - Candle Cluster - Purple (gacha)

[ zerkalo ] Apothecary Halloween Set (Tag ! Gacha)
Snake Scales 
Crocodile Tooth Powder 
Flea Legs
 Mosquito Sting Powder

[ keke ] frame on a stick M
[ keke ] frame on a stick S
[Deadwool] 6. Vanitas (Tag ! Gacha)

Birdy - Altar set - Bottles (gacha)
{anc} comet. / orrery / black (Rare)
Birdy- Altar set - Palm (gacha)

{vespertine} potions / 12 (Tag ! Gacha)
{vespertine} family tree / 1 (Tag ! Gacha)
4.erratic / coc - taxidermy raven
+Half-Deer+ + Kitty Stringlights - Black - Horizontal A

DRD motel - filecabinet (Tag ! Gacha)
-Pixicat- Bastet.Sphynx (Sit)
RO - Hotel Paranoia - Tone Death (Tag ! Gacha)
[ zerkalo ] Apothecary Halloween Set - Candelabrum - RARE (Tag ! Gacha)

Apt B // Back To Black - Drawers  (@Shiny Shabby)
+Half-Deer+  Cauldron of the Stars - Ultramarine / Yellow Stars
[ keke ] rainy day table lamp
DRD motel - polaroids (Tag ! Gacha)

!six o'clock! curtain tub  - black (@Cosmopolitan)
cinphul - Brooding Curtains [drab] 1 (@Shiny Shabby)
Apt B // Back To Black - Rug (@Shiny Shabby)
Digs - Rae Gothic Mirror - Black
cinphul - Gotrik Frame [Evolve]
Soy - Stacking towels (Colour modded)
Apple Fall - Joanne Crystal Lamp
Soy. Chair Deer horn grows (C88)


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