I know I'm probably supposed to be blogging a blazer thing but I really can't be bothered...
So, off to my favourite haunt and it's sunk  :O
Yes, Treptower Park is now 50 feet under water! Ha ha! The ****ers!
I questioned the locals, (see below) they were a tad hostile, to say the least.
But the park is still there, so just take some breathing gear and watch out for floating debris, like huge chunks of submarines.

Me: What happened to the park?
Sheep: That wouldn't be a sheepskin jacket, would it?
Me: Er.. would it be a a problem if it was?
Sheep: Not to me but maybe to you... if you want to keep your kneecaps...

Location - Treptower park

Skin: Nivaro - Cunov skin, Ghosttone nohair buzz
Hair: 99Hair - Iekelene
Eyes: ID - Liquid eyes, dark green
Face Tattoo: :LP: - Hornet face
Body Tattoo: :LP: - Just a number
Implant: [Contraption] - Eye implant *Gunmetal*
Jacket: Tonktastic - Legend Flight jacket 
Shorts: Razorblade Jacket - Worn Jean Shorts (mesh)
Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots (mesh)
Socks: (sock part only) DL Baggers Boots (mesh)
Set location - Nuwiggles - Forever Alone Prop Box [Animated]

From the new album


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