Tomorrow, I know...

The MHOH7 is still going on until the 17th July.
I wouldn't say it took a long time to find this hunt item, but I got three tees from the lucky boards while I  was searching... ffs lol
So my hint is, get reinforcements to help you and derender the fuck out of everything.
I hate hunts.
Skin: Nivaro - Cunov skin, ghostone
Hair: Raw House - Trilby, Black
Make up: Damned - carbon make up 1 &4
Make up: [ni.Ju] - Vektra - Night eye
Jacket: *BC322 - Bone leather jacket (new) (MHOH7)
Jeans: Ispachi - Mesh casual jeans, Black


  1. Area Search is your friend. More than once it's kept me from raging like a woman who's PMSing and out of chocolate. :D

    1. Yes it is and I wouldn't even attempt to do a hunt with out it, but in this store they called the object something else. ;)

  2. Dammit! i Love skeleton hoodies so i want this!
    Even though i HATE Vic Zuzu and this hunt.
    Area search doesn't work and i don't see the item grrr.
    And that's a awesome pic btw! :)


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