After party

Pose: DM - Booze Snooze (Group Gift) (new)
Christmas Tree - Vespertine - diy christmas tree/festive} (new) (The Liason Collaborative)
Reindeer: Silent Sparrow - (Rudy) YAY! Deer-ee - Mesh Plush Deer (new)
Yak: - +Half-Deer+ Winter Yak - Fairylights  (RARE) (The Liason Collaborative)
Cheeky Pea - Santa's Mince Pies (new)
 *Tatty Soup* - Reindeer Rocker Chair.
!! Follow US !! - Christmas '13 cakes table
Sway - hot-water bottle [Cuddle] santa (RARE) (The Arcade)
Beer : poche
Beer: Apple Fall - Omega Beer (old group gift)
Rug: Post - Shanghai Club Rug
Slippers: Intrigue Co. - Reindeer Pajamas
RO - Cardboard Box - flipped
=^.^=itteh - Skelleh Kitteh Sitting
Puffin: Packaging unlinked from Beetlebones Puffin Pet attachment
Crackers: Reichmann Industries - Christmas Crackers Vol1 (MP)

Beer: VCO - Cocktail Pack (Beer) (gacha)
Party hat: Meli Imako - Full perm mesh paper crown hat (MP)
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo - Love & Hate 


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