Now and then

Chair 1: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Somewhere beyond the sea chair black
Chair 2: SiniStyle - Wolf's Den Armchair (MP)
(Over Fireplace) Contraption - Walton's Masks - traditional, gunmetal and gold
 The Curious Prim  - Uncle Irvin
Fireplace: Trompe Loeil - Holiday 2013 Hearth Dark Wood (FaMeshed)
Curtains: [DDD] Curtains Kit - Long & Parted
Rug: Post - Kalmar Salon Rug
 Boudoir - Haunted Candelabra
The Curious Prim GK Candelabra 4 candles
Contraption - Music Box GACHA: Naberius (Rare)
Large Music box: Contraption Music Box GACHA: Sinister (Previous Arcade)
The Steam Rose -Portrait photos:  'The Mother' and 'The Father'
Fallen Gods - ~Libertine~ Wine tray & Letters
Apple Fall -Book pile
Digs - Milton Timewatching Decor
The Steam Rose - Kraken wallshield

                                                    Post -  Jing'an Opium Bed (green)
                                                       Bazar - Living room-floor plant
Fallen Gods - ~Libertine~ Marquis Floor Cushions
Post -  Neuchatel Absinthe Fountain set
Post- Latour Antique Telephone Stand
Post - Damaged Gorodetsky Nouveau Rug
Post - Montreaux Dazzler Carbide Lamp
[LH] - Old Key Ring

7 - Philby Double Sofa (Collabor88)
[LeeZu!] Pearl Curtains (previous Arcade)
Fallen Gods - ~Libertine~ Marquis Floor Cushions
Backwoods MafiaOriental cabinet red with ornaments smaller. 
[LH] Old Scrollcase
(on sofa end) Contraption - Pseudo Amor Harness *default* rezzable
(on sofa far end) Post - Chauncey Deco Novelty Lamp
Post -  Shanghai Club Rug
 Boudoir - Bloody male body under the rug

SiniStyle - Wolf's Den Armchair  (MP)
The Curious Prim - Uncle Irvin
Fallen Gods - ~Libertine~ Wine tray & Letters
The Curious Prim GK Candelabra 4 candles
Apple Fall - Books
Hudson's Illuminations - Pile of Newspapers
[LH] -"Father of Sin" Picture

Dutchie - row of books 11, and 5
 Boudoir - Peek-A-Boo Skeleton
 Boudoir - Ghostly Curiosities Cabinet
 1-Prim Rug Store - Persian Reds
Boudoir - Creepy Mummy Display

 The Curious Prim - GK Aquarium
The Steam Rose - tentacle in a hole
Post - Machiya Floor Lamp Cedar
 1-Prim Rug Store - Chinese Blacks 


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