Do eeeet!

This is sooo not what I was going to blog today.
So, I've  been waiting for someone to blog this avi for a while now, and no one has afaik, so I'm making no apologies for having something that is really well made on my blog. And it's a group gift ffs!
It has two head types, (the other has a monacle), and 4 hair types. It comes with this shape and  clothes but I bought the clothes you see here.

Skin, head, hair hands, right wrist cuff and upper arm cuffs: [-p-] Android GlaDOS
All from the complete avi from Pixels (Group Gift)
Top and Skirt and left sleeve and wrist: [sYs] MYDNIGHT (silver)
Leg Holster: >SS< T-Virus Leg Holster 1.0
Pose: DM - Unsure
Location: Insilico Central Office 1.2 section (not for sale)


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