Fantasy Faire 2012

Some stuff from Fantasy Faire 2012

Skin: [gauze] Nude - Steel drow - M-  lit brow
Hair and hairbase: Wasabi Pils - teeloh male *mesh* hair, Iceberg
Eyes: [Guaze] - Sin eyes, pride
Antlers: [ni.Ju] - Portmanteau, white
Ears: Schadenfreude - Changeling ears
Necklace: Refind Wild -  Pewter totem necklace , Fox
Faun legs: [gauze] - faun white
Tail:{lemon tea}- Upright Demon tail (ethereal)
Staff: .Eldritch. - Lambentea staff
Tattoo: .Eldritch. -  Nathair Tattoo
Grass: MG - Pandoria magic grass
Dandelions: radioactive dandelions
Pose: [LAP] - M-SnS - Nobody Knows


  1. Wow! so much admire your artistic abilities to produce these amazing pics !


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