Here be dragons

Welll it's that time again... yes it's Fantasy Faire time! Everybody ready?
So this natty little costume is what I shall be wearing as I  make my way round the place.
I might ditch the ciggy and get a halo instead because this mesh outfit makes me low prim/lag/render weight.. all of that kind of stuffs. My render weight is just over 2000.. and green! It's never green! Always red and a billion trillion.
So, my point is, have a think about what you're gonna wear if you go to  an event like this. Because if your thought process is  "Fantasy  faire! I know! I'l go as a mermaid and use every attatch point and wear  four thousand prims.. and that's just my hair!" If you think like that, well FU and I will derender your ass!
Yeah, I know, rant, lecture, bleargh,  but I'd just like to see some of it rezz in my lifetime, you know?
Costume: Loki - Mesh Dragon, green


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